The Cutlass was one of the busiest taverns in the city of Luskan.


Cutlass inn

The exterior of Cutlass Inn in Luskan.

The inn was located on the southern bank in Luskan on Half Moon Street, the last road before the piers themselves. It was a well-known collecting ground for vagabonds and ruffians.[3]


There was a main room with a flight of stairs leading up to a few rooms where women "entertained" customers.[1]

The cellar of the Cutlass was guarded by a golem anonymously dubbed "Captain Reaper."[4]


A haven for the crews of the pirate ships docking in the harbor, the Cutlass was a loud and dangerous bar in Luskan that was famous up and down the Sword Coast.[5] Owned by Arumn Gardpeck, it served pirates, merchants, fences, mercenaries, and all other sorts of colorful personalities.[5] Notoriously dangerous, the Cutlass' common room was renowned for the brawls that broke out and ended up turning fatal. This number increased so much so that the High Captains instituted a "no weapons" policy in an attempt to steer business to safer venues. This was attempted to no avail as evidenced by the damages done to the inn after spell duels. The Cutlass was essentially one continuous, violent party.[4]


In 1364 DR, the famed barbarian Wulfgar was hired as a bouncer by Arumn Gardpeck, much to the dismay of Josi Puddles, and began a relationship with fellow employee Delly Curtie, eventually taking her away from Luskan and marrying her.[6][7]

In 1369 DR Arumn posted a notice on the Cutlass' door about a caravan guard job, heading to Targos, Icewind Dale.[8]

In 1461 DR the Cutlass remained in the hands of the Gardpeck family, with Arumn's great-great-great-grandniece Shivanni Gardpeck serving as proprietor.[2]



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