Cvaal Daoran was an important member of the Zhentarim and a leader of the Brothers of the Black Fist who became the lord of Phlan and started the Shadowbane War.[citation needed]


Cvaal was a member of the Zhentarim from before the Time of Troubles. After it, he became Hatemaster and captain of the Brothers of the Black Fist at the Citadel of the Raven, devoting himself to the god Iyachtu Xvim.[1]

After the return of the god Bane, Cvaal commanded a Zhentilar army against Phlan in 1375 DR.[2]

In 1380, Cvaal removed the Council of Ten from power in Phlan, installing himself as Lord Protector.[citation needed] In the same year, Fzoul Chembryl decided to ally the Zhentarim with the phaerimm and when the Shadovar protested, Cvaal killed one of the Princes of Shade, starting the Shadowbane War, where the Shadovar greatly weakened the Zhent forces.[3]

Cvaal survived the Zhentarim's defeat and even profited from this by distancing himself from the Zhent leaders, focusing only on the activities of Phlan. Successful, he and his descendants remained Lords of Phlan until before the Tyranny of Dragons.[4]



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