A cyclopskin (pronounced: /ˈsklpskɪnSY-klops-kin[3] Loudspeaker listen) is a smaller version of a cyclops.[1]


Typical cyclopskin stands 7.5 ft (2.3 m) and weights 350 lb (158.8 kg).[1] These one-eyed monsters have poor depth perception and do not use missile weapons very well.[2] When a cyclopskin had hair it was generally seen in an unkempt state, long and shaggy, riddled with all manner of lice and fleas.[4]


In combat, most cyclopskin prefer to use clubs or bardiche polearms and dress in dirty garments of animal hide.[2] Unlike all giant-kin, cyclopskin cannot throw boulders, because they are less accurate having only a single eye.[1]


Cyclopskin of both sexes gradually lost their hair as they got older, generally becoming fully bald by the age of 25. It was also unheard of for cyclopskin to grow any sort of facial hair.[4]


Cyclopskin were known to be susceptible to all forms of lycanthropy and retained their distinctive single eye regardless of which form they took.[5]


All cyclopskin believed they descended from the strong line of Annam, but most giants suspected these runts came from one of Othea affairs.[6]


Much like their larger cousins, cyclopskin had a highly patriarchal society, with women and children being subservient to men. The strongest among them generally assumed the leadership role and were most often killed by other members of their clan who had grown bitter from mistreatment.[4]

Cyclopskin generally lived alone or traveled in small bands looking for prey and suitable captives.[1]


A number of such bands lived in Starspur in the Starspire Mountains of Tethyr.[7] They were also known to occasionally be found in the eastern region of the Hordelands.[8]



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