A cyclopskin (pronounced: /ˈsklpskɪnSY-klops-kin[3] Loudspeaker listen) is a smaller version of a cyclops.[1]


Typical cyclopskin stands 7.5 ft (2.3 m) and weights 350 lb (158.8 kg).[1] These one-eyed monsters have poor depth perception and do not use missile weapons very well.[2]


In combat, most cyclopskin prefer to use clubs or bardiche polearms and dress in dirty garments of animal hide.[2] Unlike all giant-kin, cyclopskin cannot throw boulders, because they are less accurate having only a single eye.[1]


Most cyclopskin live alone or travel in small bands looking for prey and suitable captives.[1] A number of such bands lived in Starspur in the Starspire Mountains of Tethyr.[4]


All cyclopskin believed they descended from the strong line of Annam, but most giants suspected these runts came from one of Othea affairs.[5]



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