Cynicism was an enchanted and sentient longsword that housed the spirit of Ilfain Blackfeather, a notorious elven thief.[1]

Description[edit | edit source]

Cynicism was a slim sword with a greenish tint to its blade and a golden knuckle guard.[1]

Powers[edit | edit source]

Cynicism was created using a master-thief's spirit, which imbued the blade with enchantments that allowed the wielder to detect traps as if they were a skilled rogue themselves, and it allowed the wielder to cast the knock spell once per day within the 50‑foot (15‑meter) range.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

The history of Cynicism began in the Year of the Leaping Lion, 834 DR, when one extremely cynical and skilled thief, Ilfain Blackfeather, attempted to burglarize a wizard tower that belonged to Legedain the Wiser. The aged mage decided to use the young elf burglar's body to replace his frail husk. Using the magic jar spell, Legedain trapped Ilfain Blackfeather's spirit within a gemstone and took over the new young body. A hundred years later, circa 934 DR, the wizard decided to do something with the prison gem. Legedain the Wiser created a slim green-hued enchanted sword for his bodyguard Gundark and transferred Ilfain Blackfeather's spirit into the blade. Gundark became exposed to the sword's telepathic criticisms and nitpicked every time the bodyguard used it in combat. Gundark managed to stomach the blade's jabs for only two weeks. After that, the green blade ended up in a pile of garbage on the street. Over the following centuries, this scenario repeated itself many times, with warriors picking up the sword and soon discarding it over its telepathic insults. Eventually, the sword became known under the name Cynicism.[1]

Subsequently, in the Year of the Cold Soul, 1281 DR, Cynicism ended up in the hands of Edion Caradoc, an aging necromancer who resided on the Burial Isle of Icewind Dale, among numerous other enchanted items, which were flush with magic.[1]

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