Dungeon Master's Guide Rules, or DMGR, is a series of accessories for AD&D 2nd edition. The series contains additional information for Dungeon Masters.

DMGR Code Title Year TSR Code
DMGR1 Campaign Sourcebook and Catacomb Guide 1991 2112
DMGR2 The Castle Guide 1990 2114
DMGR3 Arms and Equipment Guide 1991 2123
DMGR4 Monster Mythology 1992 2128
DMGR5 Creative Campaigning 1993 2133
DMGR6 The Complete Book of Villains 1994 2144
DMGR7 The Complete Book of Necromancers 1995 2151
DMGR8 Sages and Specialists 1996 2164
DMGR9 Of Ships and the Sea 1997 2170
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