Daazlag was an orog in the Thar in the early 1370s DR.[2]


Around 1367 DR, Daazlag, alongside his siblings Naazlog and his leader Thrull, emerged from the Underdark to the Xûl-Jarak citadel in Thar. There, the orc adept Jurrg proclaimed them "sons of Gruumsh" and Thrull the new king of Thar. Quickly, Thrull ordered Naazlog and Daazlag to act as his lieutenants.[3]

In 1372 DR, Rûlgar, Jurrg's brother, found the Hammer of Gruumsh in a cave in the Galena Mountains and Jurrg saw this as a sign that the time of Thrull's rule was near.[3]

Meanwile, Daazlag had secretly formed an alliance with Bremen Leiyraghon, heir of House Leiyraghon in Melvaunt, and thanks to his ally the orogs captured the scions of five powerful noble houses of Melvaunt. Jurrg planned to ritually sacrifice them in the crowning ceremony for Thrull.[4]

Daazlag survived the raid of an adventuring party hired by Lord Woarsten Nanther, which had defeated Thrull inside Xûl-Jarak and rescued the scions. Together with his ally Bremen, he planned vengeance and during a party hosted by House Leiyraghon to celebrate the heroes, Daazlag and some orc archers attacked the guests.[2]



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