Daeros Dragonspear was a the 14th century half-dwarven adventurer best known for having built Dragonspear Castle.[1][3][5]


As a half-dwarf, Daeros was thickset and muscular like his dwarven kin but with the height of a man.[1][note 1]


Daeros carried a massive spear, rumored to be over 40 feet (12.2 meters) in length.[1] He wore a finely-crafted suit of full plate armor, made for him by the dwarves of Kanaglym.[6][7]


After retirement, Daeros spent much of his time riding atop Halatathlaer as the two soared over the High Moor. Despite the dragon's age and Daeros's "retirement", they pushed back encroaching monstrous creatures like trolls and orcs until the moor was seemingly free from their kind.[1]


Daeros was a devoted friend to his life-long companion companion Halatathlaer.[1][7]


Early Life and RetirementEdit

During his early adventuring years, Daeros saved the copper dragon Halatathlaer from some unknown peril and the two forged a fast friendship.[1]

Some time later Daeros recovered a great collection of valuable gems, taken from the lair of a beholder[1] in Kanaglym.[3][8]

As Daeros had amassed this great wealth, and his dragon companion had grown weary in his old age, he decided to settle down and retire. Daeros decided to build a home for him and his friend his home on the land above Halatathlaer's lair. Daeros rallied all the men and dwarves to whom he was loyal and they built the grand castle that assumed the Dragonspear name.[1]

The dwarf and the dragon enjoyed their retirement for over 30 years.[6] It became a haven for dwarves of the region and many chose it as the site to build their homes.[8]


Unfortunately for Daeros and Halatathlaer, the mage Ithtaerus Casalia wanted all the riches they had amassed. One night in the Year of the Whelm, 1290 DR, the mage used a unique spell that allowed him to send away Halatathlaer as is it lay sleeping, by means of teleportation. He then created a portal to the plane of Avernus in the Nine Hells, that could only be opened with a mortal sacrifice, and made Daeros believe Halatathlaer was hidden away on the other side.[1][4]

Wracked with grief and rage, Daeros drew his weapons and ran through the portal — only to be instantly killed. Daeros's death opened the portal and let loose several baatezu. While the dwarves of the castle fought off the devils, Ithtaerus raided Halatathlaer's lair. Not only did he steal the dragon's hoard,[1] but also his clutch of eggs.[7]


The spirit of Daeros Dragonspear lingered within the basement of his castle, well into the mid–14th century. He was forced to see the gradual destruction of his home and legacy, as repeated fiendish incursions were released the portal to terrorize the Sword Coast.[7][3]

Dawn of Daeros was a children's book that detailed his life and death.[9]



  1. According to Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle, the in-universe book Dawn of Daeros refers to him as a "human adventurer of dwarf-like stature."


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