The Dag Nost[note 1] were a fairly large tribe of Nars found in Narfell that measured 3,200 strong in 1357 DR.[1]


Many travelers in and around Narfell considered the Dag Nost to be the most civilized of the Nar tribes. Some members made yearly visits to the Impilturian village of Uthmerg to hone their bargaining skills before the Trade Fair.[1]

Base of OperationsEdit

The tribe made their home in southern Narfell along the fringes of the Rawlinswood. They were known to range as far south as the Forest of Lethyr.[1][2]



  1. The alternate spelling of "Dag Nast" is seen on page 19 of The Bloodstone Lands (sourcebook), but this is believed to be a typo as the spelling "Dag Nost" appears multiple times in the text on page 18.


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