Dagagoorg was a kuo-toa who was both the king of Sloopdilmonpolop and the high priest of Blibdoolpoolp in 1370 DR.[1] and 1372 DR[2]


Dagagoorg was totally crazy: he believed he ruled over a vast empire in Underdark and the seas above. Dagagoorg saw all creatures as fellow kuo-toa, whatever they really were. In his rare moments of lucidity, when he saw other creatures in their true form, he considered them enemy infiltrators and ordered pogroms against them. He also considered the Cephalopolop as an incarnation of Blibdoolpoolp.[1]


Va-Poolgol Dagagoorg was the nominal ruler of Sloopdilmonpolop but the true power was the Cephalopolop, because the Va-Poolgol, like most of his fellow kuo-toa, was crazy.[1]



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