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Daggers were short, two-sided blades used for stabbing and thrusting. They were not as long as a short sword, but were larger than a common knife.[7][8]


The material used for daggers varied widely. Beyond metals, some common materials were bone and stone.[3] In addition to these two materials, the people of Serôs were known to make daggers from coral.[9]


Daggers were easily thrown as improvised ranged weapons. They were excellent for use in an off-hand, for those who preferred dual-wielding melee weapons. And they were also occasionally used as implements by sorcerers.[7][8]

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Regions & Settlements[]

  • Daggers were among the weapons widely used by the people of Serôs. They were often strengthed with enchantments so they could hold additional magic, with a common enchanment being free action. This particular enchantment allowed them to overcome the issues of water pressure and water resistance.[12]


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