A dagger of chaos was a magic blade carrying a strange curse that transformed the wielder into many different forms.[1]


In the time of Netheril, the dagger of chaos was given to Serreg of Neverwinter by the god of war, Targus.[2][3] Serreg was an archwizard serving Lady Polaris of Delia and investigating a mysterious blight on the land. He discovered it was the work of the phaerimm, and fled for his life. Praying to Targus for aid, he received the dagger of chaos. Polymorphing through several forms, Serreg slew the pursuing phaerimm. However, his final form was a mighty dragon and he now cared nothing for mortal matters. Preferring his new form, he tore the dagger—now manifested as a claw—from his hand, and used it as the beginning of his treasure hoard.[4]

Over time, the magic of the blade decayed—rather than transform the wielder, it transformed itself from time to time. Around the 14th century DR, it took the form of a greatsword, and was likely to stay this way for years.[2][3] It surfaced in the North and in 1372 DR was being sold from Colmarr's Shop in Luskan.[2]



It originally functioned as a +5 dagger, but when the wielder struck an enemy and harmed them, the wielder was instantly polymorphed into a new form. The form was random, and could be of any creature, humanoid or monstrous. This form lasted until they again attacked and hurt another, at which point they change again.[1]

If one of the monstrous forms did not or could not wield a weapon, then the dagger was transformed into its primary means of attack, such as a single fang or claw, which took on a silvery hue.[1]

Discarding the dagger did not return the wielder to his or her original shape.[1]


In its decayed form in the 14th century, the dagger of chaos was in fact a +2 greatsword. A foe struck by it could be briefly confused, and the injuries it inflicted healed the wielder.[2][3]


As a dagger, it was of exquisite workmanship and was decorated with abstract patterns and inlays.[1]

As a greatsword, it had a curved blade and a heavily branching hilt,[2] though the hilt later became crescent-shaped.[3]


Creation of a dagger of chaos entailed the polymorph other spell. Cursed but powerful, it was worth in excess of 100,000 gold pieces.[1]



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