The dagger of fiery demise was a wicked magic weapon used by members of the Brotherhood of the True Flame.[1]


These daggers appeared to be slightly curved jambiyas.[1]


When drawn from its sheath a dagger of fiery demise was cloaked with writhing blue flames. Wielding one during combat made it much easier for the wielder to strike their opponent. Anyone stabbed by the dagger was instantly engulfed in blue flames. Those who were not able to resist the dark magic were reduced to a pile of ash. These flames only affected the target of the strike, thus one killed by the dagger would not start a fire when the remains of their body fell to the ground. The strange blue fire not only incinerated the target's body, but also their soul, making any attempt at raising or resurrecting them impossible. Furthermore, using spells such as speak with dead upon the remains was utterly futile. A victim killed by the magic of this dagger could only be returned to life via a wish.[1]

The sinister power of the dagger only worked when the target was stabbed. Slashing at the target did not activate the power of the blue flames. If a victim was somehow able to resist the blue fire after being stabbed, then the dagger of fiery demise was destroyed.[1]



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