Daggermasters, also sometimes called invisible blades, are deadly rogues who prefer to use light blades, particularly daggers, in combat. Their training and techniques with these weapons make them just as lethal as most well-armed fighters.[1] As a result, daggermasters have a frightful reputation, one they enjoy cultivating through exaggeration. Regardless of their threat level, daggermasters relish any chance to demonstrate that the most unimposing weapons can be the most lethal.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Daggermasters are masters of their blades, learning to maximize their deadliness and versatility to a point where they no longer require other, similar blades. Early on, daggermasters learn to strike with unusual accuracy, pinpointing vital spots on an enemy and hitting them hard. Even where other, less worthy wielders of a dagger might fail, a daggermaster succeeds. When a dagger master hits their mark, they leave the enemy debilitated and weak, vulnerable to yet more strikes.[1]

Daggermaster exploits require rogues of the path to be using a dagger, specializing them further and giving them an additional edge when wielding the light blades. Meditation of the blade is a useful technique along this philosophy that allows a daggermaster to focus their attacks into even deadlier strikes. Deep dagger wound, also sometimes called simply bleeding wound is another aggressive exploit, but one that instead focuses on dealing a festering wound that hampers, rather than outright killing, a foe.[1]

A few daggermasters learn other techniques to aid them. Like most warriors, daggermaster usually must choose between relying either upon their agility or the speed of their thoughts for determining the strength of their reflexes, but a few learn to use both in a technique called unfettered defense. Other daggermasters are experts at deceit and bluffing, which they sometimes use to fool their foes into lowering their defenses.[1]

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