Dalagor the Cold was a mercenary in Skullport.[2]


Dalagor earned his nickname for his approach to his business, without emotion but with calculation and cruelty. He thought of his subordinates only as resources to be efficiently utilized. He liked using undead minions because they were fearless, did not complain or rout, and required little or no upkeep aside from periodic mending. He only needed living warriors as leaders for his troops.[3]


Mostly, Dalagor interacted only with his ju-ju zombies, skeletons, and zombies. His main advisor was the vampire Ezira Gloomdelve, whom Dalagor controlled by threatening to destroy her spellbook.[2]


He could control undead like an evil cleric.[2]


Dalagor was the leader of one of the three most powerful mercenary groups, thank to his undead troops. In 1370 DR, he started thinking of a way to extend his life. That year, after the death of Shradin Mulophor, Dalagor gained control of some of the ju-ju zombies previously employed by the necromancer.[2]

Dalagor and his minions disappeared during the Spellplague it's not clear if destroyed or simply driven out.[4]