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The Dalat were a tribe of nomadic humans living in the Hordelands.[1]


The Dalat lived in the southern region of the Endless Waste. Their lands bordered those of the Tuigan and Naican tribes.[2]


They spoke the Dalat language, a language influenced by the Muhjuri language.[3]

The Dalat were enemies with the Naican and the Fankiang, while maintaining friendly relations with the Kashghun. They sometimes raided with the Oigur against the Naicans.[4]


For centuries, the Dalat have raided Naican territory, and the conflicts only grew worse over the years, resulting in blood feuds and nearly open warfare.[4]

Around the time of the late 14th century, a young Dalat noyan (noble) attended a couralitai, a grand council of the khans (princes of the villages), called by Yamun Khahan. During this council, the noyan desired one of the other noblemans' daughters for himself, from one of the Fankiang tribes. Even though she was engaged to another, this Dalat noyan kidnapped her, beginning a blood feud between the two groups.[4]