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Dalath was a small mining town in the heartlands of Unther, located near the eastern Smoking Mountains.[1]


Dalath was a rough-and-tumble town of people that were distrustful of strangers and despised Gilgeam. Most of Dalath's inhabitants were either the freeholder merchants who managed the mines, or their slaves. The freeholders cared little for their slaves.[1]


As of 1357 DR, Dalath was ruled by Lord Teumman Bloodletter, who publicly served Gilgeam but actually was under the thumb of the freeholders of Dalath.[1]


Dalath was located near mountains rich in veins of gold, iron, copper, and lead, which made Dalath one of the most important settlements of Unther, as those metals were Unther's main exports. Despite such resources, the town was usually undersupplied in food and other basic products, because of the greed of the freeholders.[1]


In 1347 DR, Dalath suffered a grave food crisis, and the miner slaves started a strike. To deal with situation, the freeholders hired mercenaries to kill all the miners and later purchased new slaves to replace them.[1]

Dalath was destroyed alongside the rest of Unther during the Spellplague of 1385 DR.[2]