The Dambraii was a highly sought after horse from the nation of Dambrath, in the Shining South. They were the most prized breeds throughout all of Faerûn, known for their exceptional speed, reliability in combat, tough disposition, and ease of training.[1]

These horses were bred for Dambrath's cavalry and were known to keep their riders astride until death. Purebred specimens could only be found within the nation's borders and Dambraii that were encountered outside Dambrath, while comparable with any other light warhorse, were just not of the same quality of stock.[1]

Dambraii horses were smaller than typical warhorses, could move at least 25% faster, and took 1–4 weeks less training time for a trick or maneuver. A Dambraii horse was always spotted, usually white on black or black on white. Other spotted colors were rare.[3]


It was believed that the excellence of the Dambraii was due, at least in part, to the arkas grass that grew within Dambrath. A long-kept Dambrathan secret held that horses who were fed arkas during the first years of their lives would grow into superior steeds.[1]

A Dambraii would sell at market for upwards of 1,800 gp.[1]



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