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Damh was a lesser deity of dance, song, and celebration who was part of the fey Seelie Court. He was also a patron and guardian deity of the satyrs, korreds, and atomies.[2]


Damh typically appeared as a male korred with tawny auburn hair tied back in braids that were decorated with gold filigree. He always carried a set of pipes, a wooden flute, and a harp with him.[2]


Damh was self-indulgent, never one to delay gratification; he loved song and dance, jesters and strong drink, and especially loved dryads. He was, however, also a very old deity and a guardian deity. He was earthy, with strong associations with rock and stone and the earth itself.[2]


Damh's avatars had many magical powers, and he was physically strong as well.[2]


Damh dwelled in the divine realm of the Seelie Court, which itself drifted through the planes of Ysgard, Arborea, and the Beastlands.[2]


Damh was a frequent participant in revels, but befitting his physical power he was also capable and willing to ambush hostile intruders into faerie lands.[2]


Damh was the son of Titania and Oberon, and a member of the Inner Circle of the Seelie Court pantheon.[1] He was friendly with various druidic deities.[2]


Damh was a very old deity who was said to have helped build the first druidic stone circles and standing stones. He took over as the patron of satyrs, korreds, and atomies to lighten Titania's responsibilities for the sundry species she watched and worried over.[2]



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