Damlath (nicknamed the Laughing Mage[1]) was a wizard.[2]


Damlath was dark-skinned.[3]


Damlath had an acerbic personality to which few warmed.[3] He was nicknamed the "Laughing Mage" because he cackled with glee between casting spells.[4] He would usually only prepare very few combat spells, preferring spells that were investigative or concealing.[5]


Damlath acquired a flying carpet from Llorbauth and used it as a mount, in preference to a horse.[2] He wore a cloak with magical pockets that could store extra equipment, such as his carpet.[1]


Damlath was originally from Erlkazar, and became a devotee of Oghma in Llorbauth at the Lore Halls. In 1350 DR, he went to Silverymoon to work with Sandrew the Wise, and when Sandrew began work on the Font of Knowledge in Waterdeep, Damlath helped in the construction.[3]

In 1371 DR, Damlath began working with Raegar Stoneblade, under Phanar Manthar at the Font of Knowledge in Waterdeep, with the aim of disclosing secrets held by wizards in the city.[6] Together their surveillance and dispatching of Surkhas of Leilon was able to prevent the Arcane Brotherhood from claiming the High House of Thalivar and its secrets.[7]

Damlath visited Erlkazar in Mirtul, 1374 DR.[3]

Damlath was killed by the lich Priamon "Frostrune" Rakesk, who used Damlath's body as a disguise.[8]



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