The Dance of the Shimmering Blades was a festival of psionics-users in the central plains of the Shaar, established by the 1370s DR.

It took place every four years, sometime in the month of Eleasis. It was signaled, attendees reported, by pulses of energy felt through the earth, as if the land called to them with a welcoming invitation to return to their roots. Most passed through the trade city of Shaarmid, swelling its transient population, before arriving at the festival site.

There would be hundreds of people of many races, nearly all with some kind of psychic gift, whether a full power or a minor wild talent. Some never even knew they had psychic ability, but had been called anyway. But wilders felt the call with the most passion, and formed the majority of attendees.

Attendees danced, drank and feasted, and partied well into the night over the course of seven days. Although none talked of why they'd come, they all felt a common connection and bond, even members of races and cultures traditionally opposed to one another. Attendees made lasting friendships and contemplated their own paths through life.[1]



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