The Dancing Goat was a bawdy tavern in Silverymoon.[1][2][3]


The Dancing Goat was found on the right side of the Moonway in Northbank, just after one crossed the Moonbridge from the southern half of the city.[3]


The tavern had a revelry-filled dance floor. The rest of the establishment contained dimly lit hallways and upstairs rooms.[2]


The Dancing Goat was busy, noisy, and full of raucous entertainment twenty-four-ten. It was not a place for peace and quiet.[2][3] It catered to single folk hoping to flirt or find a partner, and professional escorts often went there too.[2] Unfortunately, it also tended to attract pickpockets and other rogues.[3]


The tavern had a surprisingly good selection of beverages, with literally hundreds of vintages stored in its cellar.[3]


The Dancing Goat had been in business since at least 1358 DR.[1] At some point after 1372 DR, the tavern burned to the ground in a fire. A new tavern, the Son of the Goat, was rebuilt in its place and carried its predecessor's traditions of bawdiness.[4]


A secret door somewhere in the tavern was said to connect with a network of subterranean passageways beneath the Silverglen and leading ultimately to Harper Hall.[5]


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