Darastrixhurthi ("A fortress fit for dragons" in Draconic[1]) was an ancient kobold nation. It was a vassal state to the dragon kingdom of Darastriverthicha during the last millennium of the Dawn Ages (−24,000 DR), located in what was later the Shoal of Thirst. It was ruled by Kurtulmak.[2]


Darastrixhurthi was made up of many kobold metropolises known as labyrinths.[2]


According to kobold legend, the then-mortal Kurtulmak built Darastrixhurthi after being released from service by his mistress, the green dragon Caesinsjach. His aim was to create a lair as majestic as the one he built for Caesinsjach, so he found a place with a near limitless supply of metal ore and precious stones. Although he intended to build the lair by himself, he soon was helped by many of his brethren, and the resulting mine became the most structurally sound and resourcefully designed fortress of the age.[1]

According to the Treatise Historical of the Dragon Tyrants, Darastrixhurthi was inhabited by a great number of kobolds as well as urds, originally appointed by their dragon masters as defenders of the city, but eventually elevated as a caste higher than their land-bound brethren.[2]

Near the end of the Time of Dragons, kobold miners broke into some gem-encrusted caverns below their labyrinths, where they met the first gnomes. The kobolds quickly enslaved them and stole their soul-gems, where many unborn gnomes still slept.[2]

Darastrixhurthi was destroyed around −24,500 DR, during the first Rage of Dragons. According to the Treatise Historical of the Dragon Tyrants, while Caesinsjach and her fellow dragons attacked Darastrixhurthi, Garl Glittergold seized the opportunity to rescue the gnome soul-gems trapped by the kobolds and then destroyed the fortress while fleeing pursuers, creating the Hidden Lake.[2] According to kobold legend, however, Garl destroyed Darastrixhurthi out of spite, as he was jealous of the accomplishments of the kobolds.[3]


After the destruction of Darastrixhurthi, Asgorath elevated both Kurtulmak and the dragonwrought kobold Kuraulyek to divinity, to ensure the survival of the kobold and urd races.[2][3]

The few kobold and urd survivors of Darastrixhurthi fled to the lands around the Moonsea, and later spread west to the Ice Lakes near Luskan, and east to the later-destroyed kingdom of Zexthandrim in the Mountains of Copper.[2]



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