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The Dark Justiciars were an honorary order or secret society within the priesthood of Shar.[2][3] They were the elite among the faithful of the Mistress of the Night.[1]


It was rumored that in order to gain admittance to the order of the Dark Justiciars, a Sharran supplicant had to have killed a priest or priestess of Selûne.[2][3] This was in fact quite true,[1] but the process was a little more involved than that.[4]

For those Dark Justiciars at the Gauntlet of Shar temple in the Underdark, when a Sharran supplicant wanted to become a Dark Justiciar, they would require approval from their superior in the church. With this granted, they would travel to the Gauntlet of Shar and undergo trials to test their stealth, strength, and wisdom. After all trials were passed, they were permitted to go into the inner sanctum to spill the blood of a Selûnite as the ultimate sacrifice, and so become a Dark Justiciar. However, with the fall of Thorm's Dark Justiciars and the shadow curse, the Gauntlet of Shar fell into ruin in the late 14th century and this path of becoming a Dark Justiciar was gone with it.[4]


They were thought to be especially proficient in illusion and phantasm magic, even more so than other Sharran priests like nightbringers.[3]


Dark Justiciars wore a unique set of chainmail, with accompanying helm and face-covering mask. This armor appeared shrouded in night itself, inspired terror in the innocent, and imbued the wearer's attacks with deathly necrotic energy.[4]


Today, I join the elite, the Dark Justicars. I thought the actual killing of that Priestess of Selune would be the difficult part. However, I found that in the darkness of the Lady of Loss, the fool was powerless. The waiting was the hard part, but her death rattle of the priestess was exhilarating. Now, that fool's soul is Shar's to torment for eternity.
— From Inosencia's diary[5]

These executors of Shar's will served the Dark Lady over a millennium before the Era of Upheaval, dating as far back as the ancient empire of Netheril.[3]

In Procampur's Port District on Uktar 17, the Year of the Unstrung Harp, 1371 DR, the Sharran priestess Inosencia Cielian murdered Justina Palfry, a Selûnite priestess visiting from Ravens Bluff, solely to become a Dark Justicar.[5]

At some point, a former Selûnite paladin named Ketheric Thorm turned to the worship of Shar and became her chosen. At Shar's command, Ketheric built the Gauntlet of Shar for training and initiating faithful Sharrans as Dark Justiciars.[4]

Some time during or before the Year of the Wrathful Eye, 1391 DR, Ketheric Thorm raised an army of Dark Justiciars beneath the Thorm family mausoleum. He and his followers managed to release the shadow curse across the lands surrounding Moonrise Towers, before they were turned away by an allied force of Harpers, Selûnites, and druids of the Emerald Grove, including the hero Jaheira and Master Halsin.[4]

Following Thorm's turn to Shar, Raphael was contacted by the architect of Moonrise Towers to destroy the Dark Justiciars. The devil Yurgir slaughtered all but one Dark Justiciar. He was bound by a contract from Raphael, represented as a song, to "spill all the blood sworn to the night" and "leave no Justiciar alive to obey." Though he believed he fulfilled the contract, somehow it still stood, and he remained trapped in the Grand Mausoleum. In fact, the last remaining Justiciar, Lyrthindor, guarded Lady Shar's temple and kept the faith alive even after the other Dark Justiciars were exterminated. Uniquely, Lyrthindor performed a ritual, also from Raphael, that transformed him into a swarm of rats. Each rat retained fragments of Lyrthindor's memories and identity, and together they shared who he once was. Despite their fragmented state, they continued to exist, offering a treacherous bargain to those who encountered them.[4]

Notable Dark Justiciars[]

  • Ketheric Thorm, a half-elf commander of the order who led an army of Dark Justiciars from the depths beneath Grymforge in the late 1400s DR.[4]
  • Lyrthindor, the elven last survivor of Yurgir's purge of the order.[4]
  • Inosencia Cielian, a half-elf employee of the Gilded Cage geisha house and Sharran priestess in Procampur in the late 1300s DR.[5]



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