Darkbolt was a divine evocation spell unique to clerics with the Darkness domain. It fired bolts of darkness that damaged and dazed the target.[1] An arcane spell with the same name was used by wizards and alhoons.[2]



From their open palm, the caster could hurl beams of darkness at their foes. The number of bolts the cleric could launch increased with their power, though only a maximum of seven bolts could be thrown. They could launch them all at once (if targets were no more than 60 feet (18 meters) apart) or one or a few at time, but a bolt would be lost if not used within several seconds. A darkbolt dealt a moderate amount of damage to a living creature, and the creature was dazed for several seconds if they could not resist. Undead were unharmed by the spell, but could be dazed.[1]


Verbal and somatic components were required.[1]



This spell launched an eel-like black tentacle from both of the caster's hands. The tentacles were able to attack a single or multiple targets. As it came into contact with a targeted creature, the tentacle constricted, inflicting damage and terrible pain, until the spell expired. If a tentacle missed its target, it returned to the caster and was launched once more.[2]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, the spell required a material component, an appendage that resembled a tentacle, such as a strand from a roper or a pseudo-pod from a mimic. Also acceptable as a material component was either a piece or the whole body of a snake or worm, or a tentacles from an octopus or squid.[2]



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