The Darkflow River, or simply the Darkflow, was a short river in the Vast Swamp that formed part of the border between Cormyr and Sembia in the east.[1][2][3]


The source of the Darkflow lay in the heart of the Vast Swamp, being fed by the marsh-water itself, and it flowed south into the Lake of Dragons.[1][2][3]

The regular rains over the Vast Swamp caused the Darkflow to swell and flood the lands beside it.[2]


The river was wide and flowed only sluggishly.[2] As the name suggested, the water was so dark that it was described as "inky".[4][2] This was a result of sediment, filth, and pollution in the Vast Swamp—the water was not filtered or cleaned as would happen in a natural marsh. As a result, the river-water was foul and stinking.[2]


The river was home to countless dangerous creatures.[2]


Lizardmen dwelling in the Vast Swamp sometimes ventured down the Darkflow to raid villages.[4]


The village of Battlerise, which stood on the west bank of the Darkflow River, was once beset by lizardmen from the river and monsters emerging from the Vast Swamp. Long before the 1360s DR, its population had plummeted.[4]


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