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Darkness was an evocation or alteration spell that created an area impenetrable to normal light.[2][4][5][8]


The area shrouded by this spell was 20 ft (6.1 m) in radius.[2][4][5][8] The range and duration of this spell varied with the spellcasting tradition. The evocation school version required the caster to touch an object which then "radiated" darkness. The darkness could be blocked just like light by covering the dweomered object.[2] The divine magic version of this spell could be cast from up to 120 yards (110 m) away and onto any object or just into the air. The effect remained in place unless cast upon a movable object, and was not blockable if cast on an area.[4][5][8]

The ranged version of this spell allowed the caster a chance to blind a creature by successfully casting the spell centered on its visual organs.[4][5][8]

The reverse of this spell, light, caused the area to be illuminated with a duration double that of darkness.[4][5][8]

Darkness spells could be used to counter or dispel light of equal or lesser power, and vice versa.[2][4][5][8]

Sinhala stones were known to prevent magical darkness.[9]

The post Second Sundering version could covered a 15 foot (4,5 meters) sphere around the intended target in order to attempt to cover it totally. Non-magical light did not prevail against the darkness and any light proving spell that was of lesser or the same level that entered the sphere was dispelled. The spell could not be circumvented with Darkvision.[10]


The divine magic version of darkness required only verbal and somatic components to cast.[2][4][5][8] The arcane version required a tuft of bat fur and either a drop of pitch or a small chunk of coal.[2][10] The eyespot of a darkmantle could also be used as a material component.[11]


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