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The Darkness domain was a deity domain that granted divine spellcasters like clerics with spells and other powers related to darkness.[1][2][3]




A priest with the Darkness domain could move and fight with relative ease while blind or in utter darkness, and could defend themselves normally against those who attacked from concealment.[1][2][3]


Two suites of spells were known in this domain.[2]

In one, as they advanced, a priest could shroud an area in obscuring mist or blacklight. They could protect themselves with armor of darkness or damage a foe from afar with darkbolts. To scout around, they could summon floating prying eyes. They could also strike a victim with blindness or deafness or a nightmare, and even utter a word of power to outright blind or kill them.[1]

In the other, a priest could instead shroud an area in deeper darkness, a damning darkness that harmed those within, and ultimately a great utterdark that the evil could see through and a screen against sight and scrying. Lesser priests could use darkvision to see in the dark and they could also fire darkbolts. Later, they could conjure black tentacles to grasp at foes and an opaque black wall of force to block movement. Such a priest could also travel great distances with shadow walk.[3]




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