The Darksong Knights were an order of elite warriors dedicated to Eilistraee, famed for their tireless hunting of the demonic agents of Lolth.[2][1]

Area of OperationsEdit

The Darksong Knights were mostly active in, or under, the lands of ancient Ilythiir in south Faerûn.[2][3] Following the Time of Troubles of 1358 DR, they'd begun to roam further afield,[3] but by 1370 DR they remained predominantly in the South still.[2] Around 1374 DR, they were considered to be mainly active in the Underdark.[4]


As of the 1490s DR, post–Second Sundering, the Darksong Knights were very much active, but existed only in small numbers.[5]


Around 1370 DR, the group comprised only crusaders and warrior-priests of Eilistraee.[2][3] At the time, all crusaders of Eilistraee were Darksong Knights, and these crusaders accounted for only 2% of the clergy of Eilistraee.[3] By 1374 DR, however, they were more simply classified as fighters and clerics. Members were largely female.[4]


A Darksong Knight dedicated her or his life to spreading the ethos of Eilistraee, advancing her causes, and especially to slaying the yochlol, the demons who served as the handmaidens of Lolth.[2][1][4]


Utilizing a complex and dance-like style of sword-fighting, a trained Darksong Knight in battle was far more mobile and deceptive than other fighters. They could apply their skills in dance to making feints, to evade opportunistic attacks, and to attack with ease while moving. They were less resilient than a comparable fighter, however.[1]

As the prey of the Darksong Knights were the demonic servants of Lolth, they honed their skills to expose, hunt down, and fight yochlol, and to kill them.[1]

Notable Darksong KnightsEdit


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