The Darkstalker Wars were a series of battles between the various guild thieves and assassins of Calimshan in the wake of the death of Bhaal. They were the first major event of the Tenth Age of Calimshan.[1]



After the Bhaal-worshiping assassins were killed by Bane just before the end of the Time of Troubles in 1358 DR,[2] the criminal underworld in Calimshan was thrown into utter turmoil. As the assassins and ruling Shade Council of the Shadow Thieves almost universally worshiped Bhaal, the group was left trying to consolidate their sudden loss in power by drastically reorganizing their remaining operatives.[3]

Rashid el Djenispool, the syl-pasha of Calimshan at the time, had long tolerated the Shadow Thieves, as battling a single criminal element in his nation was, in many ways, easier than combating several different factions at once.[3] The Shadow Thieves had direct control of almost all crime in Calimshan until Bhaal's death whereupon the other guilds and freelancers felt the need to take their place in the power vacuum that had been created.A tense ceasefire ensued, with business as usual continuing between the nine largest criminal organizations operating at the time. They shared out jobs in a way that abated direct conflict for two years but this peace was destined to be disrupted[3].


Various governmental figures tried to reign in the factions but their meddling only caused the delicate peace to be shattered. The Darkstalker Wars dealt grievous blows to the nine main factions participating, four of whom were unwitting pawns of the Twisted Rune.[3]


Casualties were severe for the remaining Shadow Thieves, whose former operatives not officially affiliated with them turned on their former masters along with those who resented the recent complete control that the guild previously had on crime.[3] The Dark Daggers were also almost completely wiped out by the other factions who joined forces to eliminate them. The Dark Daggers were a guild controlled by the drow and the other factions much preferred the idea of crime being controlled by surfacers rather than the dark elves.[3]

The Darkstalker Wars were used as cover to perform various other assassinations and robberies which could easily be blamed on the criminal factions such as the Rundeen or Shadow Thieves.[3] They also led to the rise to power of Ralan el Pesarkhal.[3]



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