The Darkwalker War is an epic conflict in the Moonshae Isles, triggered by the rise of the Beast, Kazgoroth. It is recounted in the novel Darkwalker on Moonshae.

The main protagonists on the good/neutral side are the Ffolk of Corwell, the druids, the elvish Sisters of Synnoria, the Pack, and a group of dwarves led by Finellen. The main protagonists on the evil side are Kazgoroth the Beast, the Northmen of Norland, the firbolgs, and the undead Bloodriders.

The war begins with a series of raids on coastal cantrevs in Corwell by the Northmen, accompanied by raids by the Bloodriders further inland. These cause the civilian Ffolk to flee towards their capital, Caer Corwell and Corwell Town. An attempt to pincer and slaughter the fleeing people is headed off at the Battle of Freeman's Down.

Another part of the Northman fleet has been delayed fighting the Leviathan, and later attacks Caer Corwell but is driven back by druidic magic. The two armies lay siege to Caer Corwell. They advance on Corwell Town and overrun its ill-prepared defenders, putting the town to the torch. The townsfolk and refugees flee to Caer Corwell with the aid of Robyn's magic.

The firbolgs use battering rams to enter the gatehouse but are routed by the men-at-arms and dwarves. The Bloodriders then charge the breach but are mostly destroyed by Robyn Moonsinger's magic, in combination with a feint by the Sisters of Synnoria. The Pack then arrive and fall upon the Northmen, routing them. Prince Tristan Kendrick confronts Kazgoroth in single combat. However, Kazgoroth withdraws when he sees the Bloodrider leader Laric capture Robyn.

Casualties of the war on the good/neutral side include Gavin, Carina, Aileen, Quinn Moonswane, Dynnatt, Koart, the Lord Mayor of Corwell, most of the Ffolk men-at-arms, many Ffolk civilians slaughtered in the raids, many of Finellen's dwarves, and enough of the Pack to prevent the wolf collective from reforming for many years. On the evil side, casualties include most of the firbolgs (probably including Groth), all the Bloodriders except Laric, and large numbers of the Northmen. Thelgaar Ironhand, the Leviathan, Erian, and Arlen are killed in the events leading up to the war.

The subsequent slaying of Kazgoroth at the Darkwell, and separately of Laric, as well as the battle between the Leviathan and the Northman fleet, and between Erian and Canthus for leadership of the Pack, might also be considered part of the Darkwalker War.

The war is commemmorated in Keren's song. The term Darkwalker War is used in-text in the following novels, Black Wizards and Darkwell.

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