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:[[Deer]] • [[dryad]] • [[dwarf]] • [[camel]] • [[cow]] • [[dog]] ([[desert racer]] • [[moorhound]]) • [[elf]] ([[Llewyrr]]) • [[faerie dragon]] • [[firbolg]] • [[halfling]] • [[horse]] • [[human]] ([[Calishite]] • [[Ffolk]] • [[Northmen]]) • [[sheep]] • [[unicorn]] • [[werewolf]]
:[[Deer]] • [[dryad]] • [[dwarf]] • [[camel]] • [[cow]] • [[dog]] ([[desert racer]] • [[moorhound]]) • [[elf]] ([[Llewyrr]]) • [[faerie dragon]] • [[firbolg]] • [[halfling]] • [[horse]] • [[human]] ([[Calishite]] • [[Ffolk]] • [[Northmen]]) • [[sheep]] • [[unicorn]] • [[werewolf]]
:[[Dryad]] • [[dwarf]]

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Darkwalker on Moonshae, by Douglas Niles, is the first book in the Moonshae trilogy. It was the first novel set in the Forgotten Realms, followed in published order by The Crystal Shard by R.A. Salvatore.

A cursed denizen of an ancient era again walks the islands of the Moonshaes, and the sacred realm of the Goddess Earthmother shudders under its vile onslaught.

A bold but reckless prince, a beautiful young druidess, and their companions both magical and mortal do their best to protect their cherished homeland.

If only their best was good enough.


Kazgoroth, the Beast, has come into the world to destroy the power of the Earthmother. Changing its shape as needs be, the Beast goes across the island of Gwynneth, corrupting everything in its way. Its destination is a large gathering of Northmen raiders at Oman's Isle, in the middle of the Moonshaes, where they are preparing an assault on the kingdom of Corwell. The Northmen don't realize yet that this is going to be more than just a plundering raid. They don't know that their leader isn't King Thelgaar Ironhand, but the Beast, who has killed the king and assumed his shape.

Meanwhile, the Earthmother, aware of the danger and hurting from the corruption brought to the land, her body, by the vile presence of the Beast, awakes her children - the Leviathan, the Pack, and Kamerynn, the Unicorn. They will try to stop Kazgoroth in different ways, but that won't be enough.

At Caer Corwell, the seat of the king of Corwell, rumour brings word of war coming to the kingdom. Preparation is under way, but the Ffolk don't know where the enemy will strike. It is up to Tristan to organize the Ffolk against this both human and demonic threat. In his fight against the odds, helped by Robyn, he will grow into the responsible leader that should inherit his father's kingdom.


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Geography: Corlyth CreekCorwell FirthGwynnethHighlandsIron BayLlyrath ForestLlyrath HighlandsMoray
Realms: CalimshanMoonshae Isles
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  • This was the first official Forgotten Realms product ever published.
  • When R.A. Salvatore wrote the sample chapter to his novel, The Crystal Shard, he used the characters Daryth and Canthus from Darkwalker on Moonshae to introduce his expected hero, Wulfgar. However when he learned of the scope of the realms he replaced the characters with Drizzt Do'Urden and Guenhwyvar.



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