Daroush was a small mining village located in the Aphrunn Mountains.


Daroush lay at the eastern end of Lilit Pass in the Aphrunn Mountains.[2]


Daroush traded ores from its mines. Gold was one of the main metals mined in Daroush.[2] Nearby towns like Aelor relied heavily on Daroush's gold trade. Once the mine dried up, the inhabitants of Aelor migrated to Amah.[2]


Unsurprisingly, considering its size, Daroush had few defenses.[note 1]


Daroush was established in 50 DR[1] as a dwarven mining colony. At some point, after the mines ran dry, the dwarves abandoned Daroush and returned to Alaoreum.[2]

In 145 DR, a small segment of Dempster Turmish's army accidentally marched into Lilit Pass and ended up in Daroush. The troops captured the village without raising a sword.[3]

By 1370 DR the mining village was almost completely empty. Some humans still mined for gold, but the best ore had been extracted by the dwarven founders of the mine.[2]

Rumors and LegendsEdit

As of 1370 DR, there were reports of dark dwarves (likely duergar) roaming the mine shafts. This lead to the miners seeking adventurers to protect them and investigate the sightings.[2]



  1. The village was captured without raising a sword in 145 DR, and in 1370 DR, the miners sought adventurers for protection. This suggests that the village had little or (more likely) no militia.


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