Darrom Ithal of Clan Ithal was the first king of Tethyr and the founder of the Ithal Dynasty.[1]


During the first part of King Darrom's reign, he increased the trade among the clans of Tethyr and improved its agricultural output.[1]


Darrom was the son of Chief Clovis Ithal II, who was in turn the son of Chieftain Mong Ithal. He had a younger brother by the name of Corin by another mother.[1]

Darrom fell in love with and married the daughter of the chieftain of Clan Tarseth. Her name was Saraala, and she was a half-elf, the granddaughter of Selanlar of the Tethir tribe of elves.[1]

The two of them had two sons and a daughter.[1] The first son was named after his father;[1] the second son was named Silvam.[1][2][3]


Darom Ithal was born in the Year of Windragons, −237 DR.[2][3]

In the Year of Loss, −230 DR, Calimshan changed its stance on newly independent Tethyr and marched on the towns of Ithmong and Myratma, retaking them for Calimshan. They remained in enemy hands for nine years.[1]

During this time, Darrom and his father, Chief Clovis, formed an alliance with Selanlar, leader of one of the tribes of elves in the Forest of Tethir. Working together for six months, Clan Ithal, six other Tethyrian tribes, and the elves formed an army to retake Ithmong from the Calishites, in what would be called the Second Revolt.[1]

During the battle known as the Ithmong Slaughter, Clovis was slain during the charge against the town,[1][4][5][6] being struck with numerous arrows.[1] Darrom, however, though only sixteen years old at the time,[1][4] picked up his father's sword and banner and continued the charge into the besieged town,[1][4][5][6] in what would be known to history as Darrom's Charge.[4] Darrom and the alliance of elves and men were successful,[1][7] breaking through the enemy lies as Ithal Crag.[8] The four brothers of Pasha Kalil were slain in the battle.[4] In fact, the Tethyrians did not leave a single enemy survivor within two miles of the town.[1][5][6] After the battle, Darrom mounted heads of the slain on spears and displayed them south of the town as a warning to Calimshan in what would be called the Plains of Clovis.[1][4]

The other chieftains did not immediately welcome this new chief among the human clans, who was, as was already stated, barely past the age of majority. One of the other clan leader's challenged Darrom in a duel and lost the duel and his life.[1]

Clan Bormul, however, was supportive of Chief Darrom, and that powerful clan, together with the Tethir tribe helped strengthen the unity of all the clans. By the Year of High Thrones, −212 DR, Darrom planned to retake Myratma by making use of the strategic advantages of the surrounding hills.[1] In the Battle of the Purple Marches, he was successful, leading the clans and their elven allies to defeat the cavalry and chariots of the Calishites.[1][5][6][7] This second loss forced Calimshan to once more officially grant Tethyr its independence.[1][4][7]

In what would become Founding Year, year 0 in the Calendar of Tethyreckoning,[1][5] the clans gathered to crown Darrom Ithal as their first king.[1][5][6] He passed on leadership of Clan Ithal to his half-brother Corin, but because Corin was only eight or nine years old at the time, Darrom continued to serve in dual role as Chief Regent of Clan Ithal and king of unified Tethyr.[1]

In −211 DR, King Darrom took his beloved Saraala as his queen. Being both a member of Clan Tarseth and tribe Tethir, the union helped maintain the unity of the fledgling country.[1]

The couple had three children:[1] first Darrom II,[1] then Silvam in −209 DR,[2][3] and finally a daughter in −207 DR.[2][3] Sadly, little Darrom died from a fever in −206 DR.[1]

That same year, Corin came of age, and Darrom ceased his role as regent clan leader and passed on full authority of Clan Ithal to his half-brother.[1]

In the Year of Stonerising, −200 DR, Clan Bormul finished construction of a palace for the royal family, Ithalyr, located on the coast in the Purple Hills region. The court was moved from Ithmong to this new location.[1]

Darrom's reign went smoothly until an incident in the year −189 DR, when Corin's elven wife died in an accident. This triggered diplomatic tensions between the humans and the elves, who demanded "justice" against the clan guard who had been guarding her when she was bit by a venomous snake. After six years, the king finally gave in to the tensions and turned over the elderly clansman to the elves, hoping to save the elven alliance, but this, in turn led to strong dissent among the other clans.[1]

So strong was the anger over this act, that, in the month of Eleasis of the Year of Larks, −183 DR, Darrom's brother-in-law, the now-chieftain of Clan Tarseth, Amir Tarseth I, arranged for a deepspawn to be teleported directly into the throne room. The monster succeeded in murdering the king and fourteen of his guards.[1]

Darrom was succeeded by his son Silvam.[1]

When Queen Zaranda declared Ithmong to be the new seat of her power in 1367 DR, she renamed the city Darromar, after Tethyr's first king.[9]




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