Darrondar Gweth was head priest of Tempus in Daggerford around 1485 DR.[1]


Darrondar was a soldier in Waterdeep's militia but retired after a skirmish in which most of his company was slaughtered.[1] His life was saved only by the intervention of his friend and fellow Tempus worshiper Alwern Mulverax.[2]

Around 1485 DR, he was visited by Alwern (in truth, the disguised rakshasa Nadir). He convinced Darrondar to go to Dragonspear Castle to perform a ritual to strengthen the wards on the portal to the Nine Hells. However, when he arrived there, "Alwern" betrayed Darrondar to the vampires of Voltan Szarlnaxi. This supposed betrayal broke Darrondar's spirit and he became the vampires' thrall.[3]

After discovering the disappearance of Darrondar, Sir Isteval deduced most of the truth and hired an adventuring party to rescue the priest.[4]


Darrondar was moved by survivor's guilt and was devoted to honoring the memory of his fallen friends. He had lost his spirit for battle.[1]



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