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Daryth was a thief from Calimshan.[2]


Like most Calishites, Daryth was deeply tan with dark eyes.[2][3][4]


Daryth wore a bright red cloak and wielded a curved dagger.[2][3][4] He also used a scimitar he found in a firbolg stronghold while rescuing Keren Donnell.[7]


Daryth was trained as a thief, spy and assassin in the Academy of Stealth in Calimshan, but had to run away from the Pasha and his former life because he got into trouble over some properties he had acquired.[8]

In 1345 DR,[9] Daryth arrived on the Moonshaes in the ship Silver Crescent and attended the Festival of the Spring Equinox on Gwynneth. During the festival, Daryth robbed Tristan Kendrick while the prince was haggling with the halfling Pawldo over the moorhound Canthus.[10] Later, Tristan saved Daryth's life by asking his father, Bryon Kendrick to appoint Daryth as the royal houndmaster of Caer Corwell.[1]



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