Duke Dashard Devlin was the twentieth duke of Carmathan in Damara in 1357 DR.


After Zhengyi the Witch-King seized control of Damara, one of his first actions was to kill the current duke of Carmathan and all his family. Only Dashard survived and, as planned, Zhengyi appointed him as new duke. Under his master's guidance, Dashard built an efficient propaganda network and gained the loyalty of the citizens of Carmathan.

In 1357 DR, profiting off the attack of William Horgath of Arcata against the Barony of Bloodstone, Dashard also sent a great and efficient army against Bloodstone. However, near Valls in the Fight of Three Borders, the Bloodstone army led by Gareth Dragonsbane after fierce fighting defeated the Carmathans and Dashard was killed by the wizard Emelyn the Gray.[1][2]


Dashard was the fourth cousin of the previous duke.[2]


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