Datchas was the common name for datolite in the Realms. The pink variety was also known as sugar stone.[1][4][5]


Datchas could be found in small stones, which were typically cut into faceted gems, or large warty nodules up to 10 in (25 cm) in diameter which were either sliced and polished for use as inlays or cut cabochon. The pale yellowish green hue was the most prized for faceted gems; the orange hue was in highest demand for inlays. Other colors, caused by impurities of copper and other minerals, were white to pink to red, and reddish brown.[1][4][5] A typical faceted stone had a base value of 50 gp.[1][2][3]


A person under the spider climb enchantment could double the duration of the effect by consuming crushed datchas powder mixed with any non-alcoholic liquid.[5]


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