Dathlue Mistwinter, who most knew as Lady Steel, was the founder of the Harpers at Twilight.[1]


Dathlue was the heiress of the noble Mistwinter House in Myth Drannor. She took part in the raising of the Mythal in 261 DR.[3]

In 324 DR Dathlue was the main proponent to create a force of good in order to protect the new city and was choosen to be the leader of the group, that was called the Harpers at Twilight. The name of the group was derived from her family symbol and their habit to meet at twilight.[1]

Lady Steel died during the Weeping War like most of the senior Harpers at Twilight.[4] She managed to kill Laummas, the “Lich-King of Hlondath, but was killed by the traitor Nezras.[5]



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