Lord Davien Mecatoris was the scion of House Mecatoris of Sambral, one of the Windrise Ports of Laerakond, as of 1479 DR.[1]


Davien was the son of Lady Althea Mecatoris.[1]


Davien was the leader of Flashing Blade at Dusk Troupe, a troupe of vigilantes that patrolled the city of Sambral.[1]


Some time before 1479 DR, Davien converted to the faith of Tempus.[1]

In 1479 DR, Davien was kidnapped by the Cult of Reborn Flame and sacrificed to the primordial Achazar. He survived the experience, however, and was rescued by Sambral's authorities.[1] Although he was scarred by the experience, he was able to help a band of adventurers, giving them a ship from House Mecatoris to travel to the other Windrise Ports to deal with the threat of the Cult of Reborn Flame.[2]


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