The Dawn Age, or the Age of Dawn, was a period lasting from −30,000 DR to −24,000 DR, when the powerful empires of the creator races disappeared from the face of the earth and their land was occupied by dragons and giants. Constant war for land in Faerûn led to the creation of great kingdoms and empires.[1]

It was a time on Toril when dragons took an interest in the lesser races' squabbling and taught them the basic concepts of organization and civilization, leading to the construction of cities and armies. The metallic dragons admired a certain amount of selflessness in the lesser races, such as the elves and dwarves and the young races of humans, gnomes, and halflings. They took pity on the weaker races and helped lead and protect them. Alternately, the chromatic dragons saw those races as less intelligent and more malleable, believing them to seek only their own advancement. They forced them to build a loose-knit society and organized them into armies. They then taught the lesser races how to construct fortified castles for their new masters to live in and bask on the hordes that they stole from the weak.[1]


-30000 DR

  • Start Of The Dawn Ages/The Time Of Dragons: Dragons and giants rule Toril at this time; elves and dwarves settle in small but growing communities all over Faerûn. The dwarves overthrow the giants and start their empires. Toward the end of this time, the elves start doing the same against the dragon overlords of this era. This age draws to an abrupt close with the First Sundering.[2]
  • Fall of the Aearee Empires.[3]
  • The first dragons begin spreading across Faerûn. They soon establish the realms of Argissthilliax, Caesinmalsvir, Darastriverthicha and Tharkrixghontix.[4][1]

c. -29500 DR

  • Within a few centuries of their arrival on Faerûn, after some of the dragons reached maturity, the giants recognized the great reptiles as powerful and cunning interlopers who threatened their very existence. Soon open warfare rages between giant and dragonkind with the rich resources of Faerûn awaiting the victor.[5][4]

c. -28000 DR

c. -26000 DR

  • Othea, mother of giantkind, pursues a series of unsatisfying affairs with various powers such as Vaprak, father of the ogre race.[7][5]

c. -25500 DR

c. -25000 DR

  • Ostoria reaches a truce with dragonkind and the Reign of Giants comes to an end. Ostoria has shrunk to only a shadow of its former self. The Colossal Kingdom now occupies only the northernmost edge of Faerûn (present day Great Glacier and the Cold Lands).[3][5]
  • Draconic legends first speak of Ironfang Keep, a stronghold built on the cliffs of the White River, overlooking the Dragons’ Sea.[2][8]

c. -24500 DR

  • Elf survivors of the Kingdom of Tintageer (Kingdom of Faerie) summon the power of elvish High Magic and escape from Faerie to Toril.[9] The Tintageer defeat a great red wyrm Mahatnartorian, Master of the Mountains, and found the first elven nation on Faerûn.[10]

c. -24400 DR