Daylight was an evocation spell that caused an object to give off light, making the illuminated area as bright as a clear day.[4]


The area of effect of daylight was full daylight within a radius of 60 ft (18.3 m) from the dweomered object and dim light for another 60 ft (18.3 m) beyond that. The light given off by the object did not have the properties of sunlight, so it could not destroy a vampire for example, but any creatures affected by strong light were affected by this spell.[4]

If a daylit object was brought into an area of darkness, the two effects cancelled each other out so that prevailing lighting conditions applied in the overlapping area. Blacklight or any higher-level darkness spell cast directly on the daylit object countered this spell. Likewise, daylight countered blacklight and any lower-level darkness spells.[4]

Sinhala stones were also known to prevent magical darkness.[6]

The light from this spell was blockable by any light-proof substance or object, so the effects of this spell could be shrouded or revealed.[4]

The post Second Sundering version of the spell created a 60-foot (18.3-m) sphere of light that could cover a target entirely in light. The light of the sphere turned to dim light for an additional 60 feet outside the sphere. If the sphere covered a magical darkness spell of the same or lower level, then the magic of the darkness spell was dispelled.[7]


This spell required only verbal and somatic components.[4][7]


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