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Dazzling ray, also known as flare, is a spell used by many sorcerers, particularly those who wield the power of wild magic. When it is cast, dazzling ray shoots a stunningly bright beam of light at a creature within fifty feet of the sorcerer, injuring them from the intensity of its light. Chaos sorcerers also gain the benefit of dazzling their target, making them less effective in their attacks. Dazzling ray is difficult to cast and requires so much energy on the part of the sorcerer that it cannot be used again until after at least six hours of sleep or trancing.

Before the Spellplague, dazzling ray was better known as flare and was used by bards and wizards as well as sorcerers. Druids also used a similar evocation. Like other spells of its time, dazzling ray could only be used as often as its caster had either prepared for it or had the energy left for spellcasting. During this time, dazzling ray was also significantly weaker, considered a cantrip rather than a fully-powered spell.



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