Dead Dwarf Bridge, or Clearflow Bridge, was located near the Lake of Mists next to the small city of Drubiev. This site had an evil reputation among locals since it marked the final stand of Theodo Greataxe and his seven loyal companions.[1]

As of 1375 DR the bridge was formerly known as the Riverview Span.[2]


This solid bridge was constructed by dwarves with fine rosy marble.[1]


During the collapse of Raumathar and Narfell, Theodo and his companions were able to hold off the forces of Narfell, barring their access to Clearflow Bridge.[1]

Invading forces from Narfell slipped past all Raumathar patrols with the exception of a patrol led by Theodo, who was able to keep them from crossing the bridge and gaining access to Almorel. Theodo sent his five scouts ahead to warn of the impending attack, retaining only seven loyal dwarves for his stand against the overwhelming enemy. Unable to destroy the bridge in time, the dwarves knew they would surely perish against the forces of Narfell who numbered one thousand riders.[1]

Theodo's dwarves stood in the center of the bridge, two abreast, and faced the onslaught from Narfell. Initially the Nar simply charged the dwarves, hoping their superior numbers would overwhelm the smaller force, but the dwarves held strong, losing only Talmar of Baraski to grievous wounds. Arrows were used next, but the dwarves were safe behind a wall of the corpses of humans and horses and behind their sturdy shields. One arrow killed Uthos when it struck him in the head. Three more dwarves fell in battle, leaving only three to defend the bridge; these were Njal Granitson, Molnir the Mighty, and Theodo Greataxe himself.[1]

A Nar wizard used his magic to force Njal to attack his companions. During the ensuing struggle, Njal and Molnir tumbled over the side of the bridge to their deaths on the rocks and river below. Only Theodo remained.[1]

The last remaining dwarf bravely met charge after charge. It was said that the Clearflow River ran red with the blood of his enemies that day. Bleeding from a hundred injuries, and knowing he could hold out no longer, Theodo shattered Greataxeson, his magical weapon, on the bridge and tossed the broken fragments into the river. The bridge cracked from the blow and Theodo charged the Nar, killing another twenty with only the haft of his shattered weapon, before he finally succumbed to his injuries.[1]

The restless spirits of Theodo and his men still guarded the bridge in undeath.[1] However, in 1371 DR a dwarven cleric exorcised the spirits, allowing them to rest in the afterlife.[2]



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