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The Dead Rats were a street gang operating in Luskan and Neverwinter on the northern.[1][2] The Dead Rats were loosely allied with the Coin Spinners gang.[3]


The gang was most notable for having a large number of wererats within their ranks.[1][2] In Neverwinter, they recruited lowlifes and infected them with their lycanthropy to ensure loyalty.[2]


In Luskan, the gang was based in the Drowned Rat tavern. This branch was notorious throughout northern Faerûn.[4]

In Neverwinter, the gang did not establish a formal headquarters, instead operating out of a lair in the sewers of the Blacklake District.[5][2]


Before 1479 DR, the gang's leader, Toytere, sent Rsolk to Neverwinter to establish a branch of the gang in the Jewel of the North.[5] The Neverwintan Dead Rats claimed they left Luskan after a falling out split the gang.[2] After the death of Cymril, the Dead Rats joined forces with the Nashers to depose Dagult Neverember; however, Rsolk's true objective was to eliminate the Nashers, whom he saw as rivals to the Dead Rats.[5] The Dead Rats aided the Nashers in smuggling supplies into Blacklake District. Then, in the Year of the Ageless One, 1479 DR, the Dead Rats kidnapped Nasher thief Gothwan Cooper in order to bargain his life for the stolen Crown of Neverwinter, which they wanted for themselves. However, the Nashers' leaders had no interest in saving Gothwan's life but also didn't want to lose them allies or gain them as enemies, and simply ignored them and Gothwan. Instead, Private Hawthidon Faalwun sent an adventurer to raid a Dead Rats lair to retrieve Gothwan, and seemingly wiped out the cell.[2]

In 1480 DR, the gang conspired to kidnap the young mage Myrin Darkdance and turn her over to the leader of the Coin Spinners, Eden of the Clearlight. The gang managed to capture Myrin and placated her by making her think that she was the queen of the gang.[6] Myrin was content with this arrangement, as long as she could put the gang to use improving the lives of the people of Luskan. Kalen Dren stayed at the Dead Rats' tavern during this time.

Shortly after capturing Myrin, Kalen Dren succeeded in subduing most of Luskan and called a public assembly to choose a King of Luskan. The assembly broke into a melee and the demon Scour attacked the assembled gangs. The Dead Rats suffered heavy losses, including that of their leader, Toytere, and many members went over to the Coin Spinners.[7]

Dead Rats at home in their Neverwinter sewer lair.

Notable Members[]

  • Toytere, leader of the gang, until his death in 1480 DR
  • Sithe, genasi enforcer
  • Rsolk, leader of the Neverwinter branch, as of 1479 DR
  • Varin Chalgash, defender of the Blacklake Sewers cell in 1479 DR
  • Fleabottom, leader of the Blacklake Sewers cell in 1479 DR



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