Deadly dance was a divine magic spell available to specialty priests of Lliira, the Joybringer, and other priests that followed a more martial faith with emphasis on combat. It granted perfect balance and enhanced dexterity to the recipient, but with an impetus to move.[1]


This spell only worked on bipedal creatures with four limbs, such as a humanoid or a creature in this form at the time of casting. The spell fizzled if cast on a being that was not a four-limbed biped, or if the subject changed its form away from this archetype. The caster had to successfully touch the recipient to cast deadly dance. The only way to avoid this spell was to avoid the caster's touch. Once cast, the deadly dance lasted four minutes.[1]

The recipient of this spell suddenly had a strong urge to move, and it took determined concentration to remain in one place. He or she was granted a perfect sense of balance, the grace of a masterful dancer, and enhanced dexterity. If the subject was already extremely dexterous, deadly dance could briefly give them supernatural agility. Under the influence of this spell, the recipient could jump, spin, leap, and twirl with perfect accuracy, landing precisely on targets that normally would require an extreme amount of luck to reach without falling or flailing, such as a thin ledge or a narrow fence post. On top of this, the subject could catch and throw items, use weapons, or cast spells while in motion. If they chose to attack, he or she could use their enhanced agility to greatly increase their combat skill, or to double the number of attacks at their normal skill level.[1]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, this spell required a bit of rubber and a small swatch of silk to cast.[1]


Specialty priests of Lliira that reached a certain level in service to their goddess were granted the ability to cast this spell once a day. This gift increased to multiple times per day as they continued to advance.[1]


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