Deadstone Cleft was a dead-end canyon in the foothills of the Graypeak Mountains in the Savage Frontier. Populated by stone giants, the canyon was a sacred site to them. It contained an ancient temple dedicated to their god Skoraeus Stonebones and a magical stalactite, the Steinfang, into which the giants carved questions.[1]


The petrified bodies of stone giants were embedded in the canyon's hundred-foot-tall gray walls. As cold wind passed through the canyon, it produced a moan that seemed to issue from the gaping mouths of the bodies, giving the canyon an eerie atmosphere. Dotting the canyon walls were several openings that lead to stone-carved tombs and other chambers, some open to the sky and others beneath hundreds of feet of stone. Carved stone bridges also spanned the canyon. Human and dwarven miners avoided the canyon for fear of antagonizing the stone giants known to dwell at Deadstone Cleft. The stone giants didn't tolerate uninvited guests in their hallowed halls, attacking them on sight.[1]


Deadstone Cleft's first thane was the stone giant known as the Skodkong, or "Fog King".[1]

Some time after the War of the Silver Marches of 1485 DR, Deadstone Cleft was inhabited by the stone giant Thane Kayalithica and her clan. The giantess used the sacred site as her lair, launching raids to destroy various settlements and structures around the area in order to please her god. By this time, many stone giants avoided the cleft, believing it to be a haunted place. Kayalithica had also forged an alliance with the Blue Bear Tribe, and a number of the barbarians lived in caves in and around the cleft at this time.[1]


The SteinfangEdit

Deadstone Cleft contained a magical stalactite, the Steinfang, into which the giants carved questions. The carvings faded on nights of the new moon and were replaced with answers. The giants believed that these replies came from Skoraeus Stonebones himself, though in truth they were produced by an earth primordial, Draunn, trapped under the Graypeak Mountains since the dawn of time.[1]

Statue of Skoraeus StonebonesEdit

At the back wall of the canyon sat a 150-foot-tall statue of Skoraeus Stonebones, depicted as a powerfully built stone giant with spikes protruding from his head and shoulders.

The Great StillnessEdit

A stone giant of Deadstone Cleft could enter a meditative state that left the creature petrified for a time. When the petrification ended, the giant would awaken with tremorsense and the ability to cast a handful of spells for a limited time. Stone giants referred to the petrified state as Olach Morrah, which translates as "The Great Stillness".[1]


Getting ThereEdit

Travelers could find the canyon by traveling upstream along an arm of the Loagrann River. This great flow once carved the canyon out of the rock that later surrounded it. Time eventually reduced it to a stream that tumbled along the canyon floor before widening and continuing its long journey southwest, where it merged with the Delimbiyr River on its way to the sea.[1]