Death Cheese was a unique cheese that came from the swamps bordering both Cormyr and Sembia. It was also sold through Aurora's Whole Realms Catalogue.[1]


Death Cheese was a soft cheese that had a red parafin rind. Rich in flavor, this cheese was a delicacy on any dining room table.[1]


This cheese was made from catoblepas milk.[1][2] Blind monks would harvest the milk from the deadly creatures so the cheese could be produced for Aurora's Emporium.[1] The Marsh Drovers of the Farsea Marshes, however, seem to have been the ones to have first produced the stuff.[2]


Death Cheese could be purchased from Aurora's Emporium in the following sizes:[1]

  • Loaf 1 lb. (450 g) 5 gp

It was much cheaper (2 gp per pound) to purchase the cheese directly from the Marsh Drovers at the marketplace in Eagle Peak.[2]


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