Death and the Dragon's Eye was the twenty-seventh issue of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons comics series set in the Forgotten Realms and published by DC Comics. It was written by Dan Mishkin, drawn by Jan Duursema, and edited by Kim Yale. It is the first instalment of the "Death and the Dragon's Eye" story arc.

Kyriani Agrivar arrives in the middle of the night to one of her many lover's households to find the man murdered. Just then the City Watch arrives on the scene. Now a fugitive from the law, the beautiful half-elf must race against the clock to find the identity of the true culprit before she goes down for a murder she did not commit.

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BrianneBronfCarrilHedrickKentonKhelben ArunsunKyriani AgrivarLunaPiergeiron the PaladinsonOnyx the InvincibleRellamynVajra Valmeyjar
Buildings & Structures
Castle WaterdeepSelûne's Smile
Referenced only
Dock Ward of Waterdeep
Dispel magicMagic missilePhantasmal forceShieldStinking cloudSummon monster
Dragon's Eye
City Watch

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This issue was reprinted in the Dungeons & Dragons Classics, Vol. 4 trade paperback by IDW Publishing in March 2013.

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