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The Death domain was a deity domain that granted divine spellcasters like clerics with death-related spells and powers.[1][2]



Prior to the Spellplague, they gained the ability to kill a target instantly once per day, though the odds of success depend on both the strength of the cleric and the target.[1]


Prior to the Spellplague, novice spellcasters were able to use the cause fear, death knell, and animate dead spells. Clerics of some experience could cast death ward, slay living, and create undead. Those that were masters of this domain had access to destruction, create greater undead, and wail of the banshee.[1]

After the Second Sundering, clerics who chose this domain were granted free access to the following spells (they could cast them at any time without having to prepare them in advance).[3] Novice spellcasters were able to use the false life, ray of sickness, blindness/deafness, ray of enfeeblement, animate dead, and vampiric touch spells. Powerful clerics could cast blight, death ward and antilife shell, cloudkill. In addition, Death domain clerics gained access to touch of death.[2]




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