Death dragon was a divine necromancy spell that conjured a semi-corporeal dragon for a short duration of time.[1]


When this spell was cast, the death dragon was created in front of the caster. It appeared as a large mass of bones, flesh, hair, fur, and other bodily remains formed in the shape of a dragon. It was not complete or solid in nature and could not be struck by other beings.[1]

The dragon was capable of flight and could attack the foes of the spell's caster.[1]

A death dragon was vulnerable to the spell dispel magic.[1]


The specifications of this spell were outlined in the Kelemvorite relic, the Testament of Vraer.[2]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, this spell required one or more bones: either four whole bones, half of which had be to avian or reptilian, or a single draconic bone.[1]



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